Hello Deviants I am co-creator Anthony Gosch and I want to share a little about me so you can get to know me better! I am the author for Gosch Darn Thoughts and soon a Vlog for your viewing pleasure.

I am born and raised from the Midwest and enjoy everything about it. Searching for adventures is a common hobby of mine especially if the adventure involves a lot of risk! Who doesn’t like a little bit of danger!? Amongst all that I embrace the term “Talk nerdy to me.” I am a nerd at heart and specialize myself in all things superhero and Star Wars. My hero, role model, and personal favorite superhero is Batman and boy do I love to sing his praises!

I’m a military man and have been serving in the U.S. Army Reserve since 2012 and have loved every minute of it! I like to say I’m very patriotic and if you ever sit down and talk with me two of the topics we WILL discuss is Batman and America! You can’t go wrong with that combo! My goal is to broaden our viewership so that we may entertain a larger amount of you Deviants! I love entertaining you all with our radio show and all of our posts! Thank you for your support! Now let’s get out there and be DEVIOUS!!!


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