On My Mind: Heating Up

Well it’s finally July Deviants and things are clipping along so let’s get you that piece of what’s been On My Mind you’re all craving.

July for those of us living in the northern hemisphere tends to mean several things: long days, potential sunburns and a lot of heat. The past couple weeks up my way have started to get to be the summer temperature that I’ve grown to know quite well, hot. Around this time of the year and for about the next six to eight weeks things really warm up and consistently keep a blistering temp which depending on who you are can either be good or bad. I personally enjoy heat because I would much rather be outside and able to pull a few layers off then be outside and be cold no matter how much I’ve got on. The nice thing about it heating up also is that it can be the perfect time to find that body of water you always like taking a dip in and just relaxing with the refreshing coolness of it. I understand that some people may see this as a bit backwards and be the type who would rather have it cold but I’m going to keep embracing the heat and enjoying the fact that it’s given me more time to spend outside and do some of the things I enjoy before be confined to the inside of a building struggling to keep warm.

How do you stay cool in the heat? Let me know in the comments below and keep on checking back in for new material! Keep cool and keep it classy Deviants!



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