On My Mind: Walks

I can imagine that most of you Deviants are already thinking ahead to what crazy adventures you’re planning on doing this weekend so let me give you a mid-week dose of what’s On My Mind to help things move quicker.

Recently (as in this evening) I was out and about walking some of the trails here in the city that I live in, which is something I tend to do quite frequently, and found myself noticing that there were not very many other people out walking. At first I didn’t think much other than it was nice having the path mostly to myself but then it made me realize that there aren’t enough people out there enjoying the beauty of a walk. In my humble opinion walking can be one of the most relaxing and best ways to wind down your day, start it or simply take a break somewhere. By principle walking is supposed to be an easy thing to do as long as you’re able which means that if you find yourself capable of doing it you should. Not only does going for a walk mean that you get a little exercise but you also get to spend time outside getting some fresh air and not feel as cooped up in a room. If you haven’t found yourself getting the itch to get up and go for a walk by now then you might want to get your head checked because those feet should be itching to go by now.

When do you like to take walks? Let me know in the comments below and keep on checking back for more new material every week. Now get moving and keep it classy Deviants!



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