The Trip: Belize

Yet again I’ve found myself day dreaming of places to go which brings me right back here with another new run of The Trip.

For some reason I’ve recently been getting berated with a place that I’m supposed to be going according to almost every travel thing I see and that place is Belize. Belize is located in central America and sharing a coast line with the Caribbean. It’s considered to be one of the most beautiful places to go to due to its gorgeous coast line that has spectacular beaches, coral reefs and plenty of marine life to check out. One fascinating thing that the country also holds is the Great Blue Hole which sits just off the coast and is one of the must go to dive place for any serious scuba diver. Inland you can find yourself wandering through the jungles or exploring old Mayan ruins as you get more acquainted with the country. With all of these cool attractions and features it’s easy to see why this would rank as one of the top places to check out so if any of you Deviants are looking for a travel partner to explore it hit me up and let’s go (assuming I can afford it)!

If you’ve been to Belize what did you think the best thing was to do? Feel free to share in the comments below and keep checking back for more new material. Now keep on dreaming big Deviants!



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