On My Mind: Injuries

Halfway through the week and I’m still sweating from this heat that I’ve been getting up in my stomping grounds but that’s okay because I’m still going to be giving you a little bit of what’s On My Mind.

If you talked to my parents they would tell you that as I grew up there was a trend of me occasionally winding up with some injury that required a trip to the hospital but personally I think they may exaggerate the prevalence of these ‘supposed’ injuries. Here recently I found myself re-injuring my knee again and wondering why injuries always seem to pop up at inconvenient times for me. I’m not talking about little things such as cuts, bruises, scrapes, etc. but things that tend to be a bit more drastic and take time and effort to deal with and actually prevent you from doing things. Now it’s not like I haven’t had these situations pop up before and I know the protocol, rest and rehab along with a healthy dose of icing to start, but they do tend to annoy me. Fortunately this time though nothing was too severe and I will be up and running soon but until then it will be a decent amount of PT and curse words to start.

Have you ever had any injuries? Let me know below and feel free to share ways that you found to effectively treat them. In the meantime keep coming back for more new material and as always keep it classy!



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