The Trip: Lollapalooza

It seems like we all dream of going places someday and like to talk about it but I guess I’m just one of those that enjoys writing about so enjoy this new version of The Trip.

Summer time seems to be great for a variety of reasons, you get to spend more time outside, it’s nice enough to spend time at your nearest body of water and there always seems to be quite a few concerts to hit up. One thing I’ve always wanted to do is to go to a several day music festival because you would get to enjoy all sorts of different artists and hang out with a crowd that’s there for the same reason that you are. One of these festivals I’ve always thought would be cool to check out is Lollapalooza which is traditionally held in Chicago. Many people I’m sure have heard of Lollapalooza because it’s been a springboard for many artists and has drawn countless crowds to it over the years. One of the biggest reasons I’ve wanted to check it out is because it tends to draw a variety of awesome bands that typically wouldn’t play together over the course of a few days so I wouldn’t have to wait around to only see a couple at a time. Hopefully I can sneak my way out this year to enjoy the festivities but until then here’s to hoping!

Have you ever been to Lollapalooza? If you have let me know how it was in the comments and feel free to suggest any other festivals that I should check out sometime. Now drew big Deviants!



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