On My Mind: Sunshine

It’s going to be a short week do to the holiday earlier but don’t let that stop you from feeling like it’s time to get over the hump and get out and enjoy life a bit. While you get ready to head out though here’s a piece of what’s been On My Mind.

I was lucky this last weekend because I was able to get out and spend some quality time in the sun (when the clouds weren’t rolling through) and feel that kiss of sunshine on my skin. One of my favorite parts of getting outside is simply the sun, the light, warmth (even heat) and overall energy of it always seems to be rejuvenating and relaxing in a way for me. The sun seems to be able a reminder that there’s something awesome out there to enjoy when you leave the confines of your home and take a step into the light because you are immediately warmed up and get that boost of energy. With summer really starting to kick things up now the longer days mean for more light and time to get out and enjoy the weather while things are still nice before that evil which is winter sneaks back in. Fortunately I’ve got some sunshine now to keep me warm and awake until that point in time.

Do you enjoy getting some sun or is this the time of the year where you tend to find yourself staying shaded as much as possible? Let me know and keep on stopping back for more new material every week. Enjoy the sun and keep it classy Deviants!



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