On My Mind: Turning It Up A Notch

Mid-way through the week and I’m ready to get things into second gear and hopefully you are too. While you’re doing that here’s another piece of what’s On My Mind for your reading pleasure.

I know that there’s some of you Deviants that know me out there who know that I spent a lot of time in sports and am currently in a job that’s highly competitive. Due to those two facts many of you could say it’s safe to assume that I tend to gravitate to environments that are competitive and sometimes require that next level which is where my mind has been recently. Sometimes in life you seem to hit a point with almost anything where you need to just turn it up a notch and get out of a zone that may have been comfortable in order to get to where you want to go. Mentally that can take a bit to adjust to but when you hit it and turn it up to 11 then you can definitely start to feel things change. Hitting that next level is never easy and can be draining but the end results almost always speak for themselves so no matter what you’re looking to improve upon in your life right now take a second, breath in, turn it up a notch and get after it.

How has taking things to the next level helped in your life? Let me know below and don’t forget to tune back in every week for more new material and keep it classy out there Deviants!



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