The Trip: Memorial Day

Summer is really starting to come along for us in the northern hemisphere so that means it’s time to get some trips planned and some places hit up which is what brings me to the new round of The Trip.

For those of us that live in the United States our upcoming weekend is Memorial Day weekend which is a time for us to reflect on those that sacrificed for us and is also a time that many people take their first vacations of the summer season. Typically for this write up I like to talk about places that I would like to go but Memorial Day is one of those times that is almost like a specific trip for me. Most years I find myself doing some sort of camping trip or heading out to go fishing for a few days but the primary focus of the weekend usually tends to be on outdoor activities. I know many people that this is a time of the year where they first get to go out and enjoy some of nature with their families and spend a little time disconnected from the always connected world. It tends to be a pretty laid back weekend most years which is nice because that gives you a bit of a break to collect yourself and recharge while getting some sun and kicking back with a cold drink in hand.

What do you tend to do for Memorial Day weekend? Let me know below and keep coming back every week for new awesome material that we make especially for you Deviants! Now go forth and dream big!



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