The Playlist

We’re creeping towards the end of the month already so you probably need some new music to jam to which means I’ve got you covered with a new set of The Playlist.

Room In Here by Anderson .Paak feat. The Game and Sonyae Elise: this jam has such an elegant sound and feel that makes it one of those tracks you just feel classy listening to and the beats get your head bobbing that whole time.

Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man: if you’re looking for something to dance along to and put the whole crowd in a good mood then get this up beat tune on your radar asap.

Wish I Knew by The Revivalists: it’s a strong alternative sound that is perfect for those summer nights where you’re just chilling with your friends outside so definitely hit this up.

Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart by Chris Cornell: this last week we lost one of the greatest musicians of all time who left a plethora of influential and awesome music and this more recent track of his is in my opinion one that showcased many of his talents. Rest In Peace Chris.

Do you have any music that I need to be listening to? Let me know in the comments below and keep on coming back for more new material. Get out there and keep on rockin’!



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