On My Mind: Yard Work

How’s your week been rolling so far my Deviants? At the half-way point hopefully things should be solid and you should be ready for a whole new piece of what’s On My Mind.

I should probably prelude this blog by stating that I don’t actually own a house or a place that requires me to do any sort of routine outdoor maintenance in order to live there, with that being said though I’ve been thinking about yard work lately. The main reason that I’ve thought about yard work for the past few days is this past weekend I went to visit my parents for a bit and found myself outside helping with some odd and end stuff such as gardening and mowing. Honestly, I don’t mind doing most types of yard work because that means that I get to be outside for awhile and do a bit of physical activity while not having to be cooped up all day when the weather is good. I do know that not all things are created equal when it comes to maintaining an outdoor space such as mowing tends to not be as strenuous as say building a deck or retaining wall which can be why some people shy away from wanting to work outside. Fortunately I’ve gotten to see all sorts of projects from the easy ones to the absolutely miserable ones and the one thing that I’ve taken away from all of them is that things tend to look better once you’re done.

Do you enjoy working in your yard, let me know below and keep coming back for more new material every week. Get out there and keep it classy my Deviants!



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