The Playlist

Hopefully all of you Deviants had a pretty solid weekend because I’m here to get things rolling for you again with another set of The Playlist.

Use Me by Beans & Fatback: there’s definitely some similar vibes to The Black Keys with this jam but if you’re looking for that bluesy, garage rock sound here you go.

-Be My Fire by The Blue Stones: it’s another bluesy track with a strong backing that keeps building as it goes on which is what makes this catchy tune something you will have stuck in your head for days.

Washing Dishes by Jack Johnson: if you need a summer tune to get you in that good mood to be outside doing yard work or just to hang this upbeat and positive tune needs to be playing.

West Coast by Lana Del Rey: her gorgeous voice gets this smooth sound in your heads and hits you right in the feels with its ability to portray the feelings from the words into your soul.

Is there some tasty tunes that you’ve been jamming to? Throw me some suggestions in the comment section below and keep on coming back for more new material. Now get out there and keep on rockin’!



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