The Trip: Flathead Lake

Something about getting out on a lake this time of the year always sounds great to me which is actually what brings me to the new version of The Trip.

This last weekend I was out camping with some friends and we found ourselves on the topic of places to go and things to see here in the states and two people in the party adamantly lobbied for everyone to check out this really cool place called Flathead Lake. Flathead Lake is located in Montana on the western side of the state and is known as the largest natural fresh water lake west of the Mississippi. What makes it so unique is that it’s also one of the cleanest lakes which means that the visibility in it is phenomenal and you can look all the way down in many spots which gives you access to see all of the different mysteries that reside in its depths. The location of the lake also happens to be close to the mountains so there are some spectacular views of not just the lake but the surrounding areas as well. It’s hard for me to put into words how much I’m wanting to go there now from the high level of energy that my friends had when talking about it but hopefully sooner rather than later the journey will be made.

Have you ever been to Flathead Lake and if so what makes it awesome? Let me know in the comments below and feel free to keep on checking back for more new material every week. Get out there and dream big Deviants!



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