The Playlist

The month is rolling by fast now that things have heated up and the sun is shinning so let me get you some tasty tunes with a new set of The Playlist to keep things going.

-The Chain by Fleetwood Mac: this is a classic tune that is always good but damn if I haven’t gotten it stuck in my head again (thanks Guardians of the Galaxy).

-Slippin’ by Patrick Sweany: it’s got one of those laid back 70’s rock vibes but definitely has a bit of the modern taste that makes this relaxed track come across so well.

Absolute Zero by Stone Sour: what we have here is a hit you in the face track that is awesome for when you feel the need to get a bit riled up and want to just yell along with the catchy track.

You and Your Heart by Jack Johnson: what goes down smoother than a cool drink on a hot day? The answer is some mellow and always relaxed Jack Johnson to make you feel as good as the warm sun.

What have you been jamming out to lately? Let me know in the comments below and keep on coming back to check out what cool new material we have every week. Get out and keep on rockin’ Deviants!



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