On My Mind: Storms

Halfway through the week and closing in on the weekend I think that it’s about time I share with all you Deviants a bit of what’s On My Mind.

Summer is fast approaching for me which is great because that means more time outside, warm weather and getting to watch storms. I live in the Midwest here in the U.S. and we are getting into the season where storms happen and can be pretty crazy as well. Personally I tend to really enjoy storms because they can be peaceful in an odd way whether that’s because of the sound of rain coming down or if it’s the light show that can accompany one I’m not for sure. I like to think of storms as a pleasant reminder of how quickly nature can change but there is no doubt some major issues that storms can cause depending on their severity and what comes along with them. Storms are no doubt for everyone which is okay because they definitely can cause a bit of dread from the potentially destructive power that they can have. Hopefully nothing terrible comes along this summer but it would be nice to get a few awesome light shows accompanied with some reasonable showers because who doesn’t want to occasionally be singing in the rain?

Do you enjoy storms or are you a bit more afraid of them? Let me know below and keep checking in to see what new material we have posted every week. You all keep it classy!



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