The Playlist

It’s a bit hard to believe that April is already gone and May is here but let’s kick the first of the month of with a bang! To start that I’ve got a whole new set of The Playlist.

Make Some Noise by Beastie Boys: this song has been out for over 6 years now and still is catchy as hell with an awesome video that fans of the band will no doubt always appreciate.

Dark Necessities by Red Hot Chili Peppers: I know that I’ve featured this funky fresh track here before but damn if it’s not good and doesn’t have you gyrating to that awesome bass-line.

Remedy by Seether: my boys have a new album dropping soon so this heavy and in your face track is a great way to get pumped for that and get yourself a little fired up as well.

Lonely Day by System of a Down: it’s hauntingly catchy and rocks hard when it needs to and tones it back at the same time to create a unique and powerful tune.

Pass along some recommendations for some tasty tunes in the comments below and keep on coming back for more new material every week. Keep on rockin’ Deviants!



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