On My Mind: Breweries

Hump day! It’s the middle of the week Deviants and hopefully things have been on the up and up for you all so to bring you something extra for your week here’s another dose of what’s On My Mind.

Like a wrote of yesterday I recently took a bit of a journey or pilgrimage if you will around where I live to sample a few brews and several different breweries that I had not had the pleasure to get to yet. During my day I found myself in three very distinctly different tap rooms and towns which got me thinking a bit more about what makes a brewery a brewery. There are obviously many different factors that have come together to shape your favorite tap house: who the owners are, where they’re from, what crowd are they hoping to attract, where’s it located, etc. The nice part about so many different things coming into play to form a tap room is that there’s so many unique places to go out there with so many creative minds to give spins on some of your favorite brews. To me the beauty of a smaller brewery is that there’s a uniqueness to it that can give you clues as to who the person/persons are that has dedicated so much time in their craft just from the name of their beer to the decorations on the wall. If you’re out there enjoying a cold one raise a glass to your favorite spot and may it always have an open tap for you.

What’s your favorite brewery to visit and why? Let me know below and keep on checking back for more new material. Remember to always keep it classy Deviants!



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