The Trip: Portland Maine

It’s hard to believe that May is almost upon us already but fortunately we still have plenty of time to take some vacations so let me tell you where I’m hoping to go with this rendering of The Trip.

I recently found myself on a journey to taste some beer and as I made my way around sampling I thought about how a trip to go and just taste and drink beer for a few days sounded like a good time. This naturally got me thinking about where I could go to make this a possibility and that’s what brought Portland Maine to mind. Portland is situated in the northeastern part of the U.S. and is right along the Atlantic coast which makes it a gorgeous place to check out and visit. To get back on point though there’s a relatively large number of solid breweries peppered throughout the city, around sixteen to be exact. This would make for an awesome few days of tasting and wandering because through a bit of research the breweries all come highly rated and recommended which means that you could hit several in a day while exploring various parts of the city at the same time. Not only could you enjoy a fresh cold one while looking out over the ocean but you could get to enjoy some of the charm while responsibly walking or finding a ride through town.

Have you been to Portland Maine before and if so what brewery would you recommend? Let me know below and in the meantime keep on coming back for more new material. Now go forth and dream big Deviants!



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