The Trip: Alaska

We’re slowly starting to creep through April and with that means some prime travel times are coming up so I’m here to bring you another place to check out with The Trip.

This past week I found myself browsing through some different documentaries that had to do with sports but particularly outdoor sports and came across one called The Great Alone. Some of you may have seen this and know that it deals with the Iditarod which got me thinking about how cool it would be to go and explore the state that hosts that race, Alaska. Many of you already know that Alaska is part of the U.S. and is located way north of the continental section in a part of the world that has some stellar wild locations to visit. If you’re bold and find yourself along the coast you can possibly find a way to enjoy some of the awesome fishing that is a mainstay up there before making your way a little more inland. There are plenty of places inland to go and find yourself in nature because of the Mountainous landscape in parts, where if your bold and skilled you can find yourself climbing. Obviously with the large amount of wilderness there are plenty of places for you to hike, camp and generally wander to see what’s out there. For the adventurous and outdoorsy types Alaska would be a great place to check out and discover something new for yourself.

Have you been to Alaska before and if so what are some of the best things to check out or do? Let me know below and keep on checking back for more fresh material. Get out there now Deviants and dream big!



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