The Playlist

Have all you Deviants been out there jamming this past week? Well if you’re looking for some new tunes to tap those toes to I’ve got you covered with this week’s edition of The Playlist.

-Black Holes (Solid Ground) by The Blue Stones: it has one of those slower build ups that gets you worked up and feeling the power vibes that this dirty sounding rock anthem cranks out.

-Cold Blood by Dave Not Dave: something about this song gets you into those slightly crazed vibes with a dark sound and theme that has you walking with a bit of a strut.

Triumph by Wu-Tang Clan feat. Cappadona: you should know these iconic lyric masters but if you don’t then open your ears up and bob that head with the smooth flow and bad ass beats.

Oh No by Goodbye June: last week I gave you a pretty laid back jam of theirs to check out and this tune is definitely on the opposite spectrum with it’s fast paced instruments and in your face attitude.

Are there any songs that I need to be checking out this week? Let me know below and don’t forget to keep on coming back for more new material. Now get out there and keep on rockin’!



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