On My Mind: Good Weather

How are all of my Deviants doing at the mid-point this week? Since it’s Wednesday let me give you a fresh dose of what’s On My Mind.

Recently it seems that the weather has finally decided that it’s going to fully commit to spring (hopefully) and that means there’s been some good weather to enjoy but even more importantly that there’s for sure plenty more to come. Every year when the weather finally starts to get nice consistently it seems like there’s a slow movement of people out of their houses, each day it warms up you see more and more people outside enjoying the weather as people slowly decide that it’s okay to leave the safety of their home. What this means is that there’s more than enough things to do to keep you occupied while you adjust to the natural lighting and warmth that isn’t coming from a heater. Personally this involves a lot of going for walks, spending time at parks and finding other outdoor activities to start filling that void of free time that was never quite nourished inside. One of the most exciting things about this time of the year is that suddenly there’s a lot of places you can enjoy without too much of a crowd yet such as some of your favorite trails or spots to relax because enough people still haven’t decided to commit to a day outside. For those of us that enjoy a little bit of peace in nature this is great because soon enough those trails will be packing up before you know it.

What’s your favorite thing to enjoy when the weather gets nice? Let me know below and keep checking back for more new posts every week. Get out there now and keep it classy Deviants!



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