The Trip: New Zealand

I’m starting to get an itch to get out and about soon which has got me thinking about places to go so here’s another version of The Trip for your reading pleasure.

Here recently I was hanging out with the other part of my Duo and we were just going over places and things that we should be getting ourselves to go and do which brought up traveling. During this discussion New Zealand came up and got us talking about why we should be going there and some things to do while there as well. New Zealand is located in the Pacific Ocean near Australia and has a host of things to do while there do to the geography and location of the islands. The first thing that came to mind that we should do would be to go bungee jumping due to the fact that it’s a popular place to bungee jump and that there’s several awesome bridges and areas to do it off of. Another thing that came to mind was just exploring the coast line and enjoying some of the beaches as well as getting more into the mountainous areas. Not only would we be able to get a little adventurous we would also be able to enjoy some of the nightlife and culture through hanging out in Auckland and maybe making our way down to Wellington. Fortunately a trip down there would give us plenty to do and enjoy once we are finally able to get things planned and go!

Have you been down to New Zealand before? If so let me know how it was below and keep coming back for more new material. Go and dream big Deviants!



2 thoughts on “The Trip: New Zealand

  1. I may be biased because I’m from New Zealand, but it’s so beautiful. And even as I’m travelling ATM ..New Zealand has some of the most beautiful secluded spots. It’s easy to hitchhike.

    If you go let me know!

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