On My Mind: Haunting’s

I’ve had a lot of things On My Mind lately but there’s been a few that have stuck out recently so let me share something with you at this midpoint Deviants.

If you read my write up for The Trip yesterday you would’ve noticed that I’ve maybe gone back on a kick of thinking about the paranormal and strange happenings in the world. Haunting’s are something that I’ve always believed in (despite the many people who don’t believe) and I find fascinating in an oddly terrifying way. There are things that I understand can be explained such as that bump in the night that happens to just be your house shifting or an overly active refrigerator but then again there are some bumps that tend to defy explanation. One argument that I’ve heard people make against anything to do with the paranormal is that if you believe that there’s something out there your mind will make it so there is which I agree is definitely a good explanation for many things but then there are some things that don’t fall under that. One example of that is that I use to hear two men arguing and yelling at one another fairly regularly in the basement of my childhood house at night when everyone else was asleep (and no it wasn’t my parents or a t.v.) and it turns out that my sister heard the same thing as well but we didn’t learn that we both heard the same thing until years after we had moved out. Whether you do believe or don’t believe in haunting’s or the supernatural make sure to always keep an open mind because you never know what could be going bump in the night.

What are some stories that you have about haunting’s? Let me know below and keep on coming back for more new material. Stay brave Deviants and keep it classy!



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