The Trip: The Stanley Hotel

I’ve been dreaming lately Deviants of going somewhere so let me share that with you with another new writing of The Trip.

Recently I found myself on a very short-lived trip to check out a place near me that has reportedly been the spot of a decent amount of paranormal happenings and I started thinking again about where I would want to go that is supposedly haunted. If you’ve ever seen the movie The Shinning or read the book then you’ve also probably heard of the Stanley Hotel which is the source of inspiration for the story. Built in the early 1900’s in Estes Park, Colorado this hotel has been a mainstay of the area for around a century now and has seen many guests come and go. Now while there’s nothing very definitive as to why the hotel may have a haunted side due to the primarily peaceful nature of the building there’s been decades of people claiming that they’ve seen or heard things in the hotel. One of the main reasons that the sight continues to see so many explore the paranormal side of it is because of the novel that was written because of it. Whether you do happen to believe in the unexplained or not it would always be worth checking out the Stanley Hotel if just to embrace the awesome landscape and beauty of the area that it has called home for so long.

Where are you dreaming of going? Let me know below and while you’re at it keep checking back in for new material every week. Keep on dreaming big Deviants!



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