The Playlist

We’re creeping towards the middle of March but have to start another week before we can keep going so here’s a new set of The Playlist for you to rock to.

Thank God for Girls by Weezer: since I first heard this track I’ve had the need to sing it extremely loudly every time that I hear it which is easy since it’s super catchy and cynical.

Dirt Off Your Shoulder by Jay-Z: this tune has been easy to get stuck in your head for years with its smooth rhymes and head bopping beat.

The Whole World by Outkast feat. Killer Mike: it’s a classic funky track from my boys and the flow that this song has and the otherworldly sounds that back this song up will have you needing to move.

Country Song by Seether: it’s not their heaviest song but it definitely has a chorus that’s easy to remember and a playful vibe that should have anyone feeling the vibes.

If you have any jams that I should be getting on here shoot me some in the comments below and keep checking back for more new material. Keep on rockin’ Deviants!



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