On My Mind: Sleeping

How are all of my Deviants getting along this week? Things are about halfway there so let me give you another piece of what’s On My Mind.

The past couple of weeks I’ve been absolutely exhausted it seems like for really no great reason. I almost always get at least eight hours of sleep and am feeling great otherwise (trust me I’m not sick with something) so that’s left me pondering a lot about sleep. Sleeping is usually a pretty awesome thing, you get to relax and let your body recover and feel revitalized afterwards. There’s unfortunately quite a few people out there though that aren’t able to regularly get enough sleep and may feel a bit differently about it than I do because they may just have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. I typically feel pretty ready to go in the mornings (despite the fact that I’m not much of a morning person) but when you fall into a bit of a rut about wanting to sleep a little more it can make you feel more drained than you are. It’s nice though that there tends to be a pretty easy solution to this problem which is usually just sleeping a little more and letting my body get back to the state that it was in pre-exhaustion levels. Now that I’ve complained a bit about being tired to you all I think I may go settle in for an early bed time.

Have you been having trouble sleeping or feeling rested lately? Let me know some ways that you remedy that and keep coming back for more new material. Now take it easy and keep it classy Deviants!



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