The Playlist

After fighting the urge to not get out of bed today I’ve soldiered through Monday to bring all of you Deviants another new set of The Playlist.

Dangerous by Big Data feat. Joywave: the first time I heard this song the chorus and beat infected me and a few years later it still does and also has a video that is just plain awesome to tie it all together.

Big Scenes by Anna Kova: the sexy beats here and gorgeous voice keep this upbeat and catchy track at the forefront of songs you have to listen to regularly.

Superman by Eminem: it’s one of his earlier tracks and it’s also highly intense and brutal but damn is it smooth and hard not to bob your head to.

Starboy by The Weekend feat. Daft Punk: it’s been almost unavoidable since it came out but there’s definitely a reason for that because it’s pretty damn good.

What songs do I need to be playing this week? Let me know and keep checking back for new material. Keep on rockin’ Deviants!



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