The Trip: Road Trip

I’ve been daydreaming again Deviants about where I’ll be wanting to go so let me share a little bit about it in another run of The Trip.

Every now and then I get that kick where I feel like I should get in my car and just hit the road for awhile. I’m sure that I’m not the only one that gets this feeling to just cruise on and explore whatever comes your way without worrying too much about a plan. I’ve done a couple of smaller road trips which are always fun when you have a couple of friends and no set idea as to what you’re about to do. Right now I feel like I should be hitting the road with the only end to it when I get back home. In a perfect world I could take a couple or a few weeks off with a car packed with some simple things, a solid set of tunes to keep things rocking and a partner that’s ready for whatever the open road throws at us. While road tripping I would be looking to camp out, sleep in my car and stop at anything that looks like it could be interesting or make a good story. Hopefully with the weather starting to warm up I will be able to get in my car and just drive and see where I end up.

Where are you looking to be heading this year? Let me know below and keep up with everything new that’s uploaded weekly. Now go out and dream big!



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