The Playlist

What’s happening Deviants? The weekend is behind us and we have a brave new world ahead of us this week so let’s get things going with some tunes from The Playlist.

-New York Soul pt. ii by Jon Bellion: my partner in crime put me on to this tune a couple of months ago and since then the sick baseline and catchy hook have been impossible to not have in my head.

Let You Down by Seether: I’m not going to lie that when they dropped this new track last week I wasn’t overly giddy and when their heavy, snide and powerful tune graced my ears I knew that the weight for some new tracks was well worth it.

Stereo by IAMDYNAMITE: this two piece hits it hard and heavy and it’s awesome with this high energy rock piece that’s so easy to jam to.

Marathon by Jamie N Commons: I’ve featured him here before but the bluesy voice and really fun backdrop make this a tune that will keep you running around.

Are there some songs that are motivating you this week? Let me know below and keep coming back for more new material every week. Now get out there and keep on rockin’!



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