On My Mind: Laundry

It’s hard to believe it but today is already Wednesday which is kind of nice because that puts us halfway to the weekend. Before we finish up the week though let me get you a bit of what’s On My Mind.

Everyone knows that there’s always some chores that you never seem to be able to avoid doing just because they tend to be necessary which is where laundry comes into play for me. I can’t stand doing laundry and it’s not because I think it’s hard work (machines take care of it all for most of us these days) it’s just because it seems so tedious and I never feel accomplished afterwards. The whole process is tends to be long and unfortunate because once you start a load you wait awhile to get another going which is kind of irritating because it leaves you locked in there until you are done with it all. Probably the worst part about it all is the folding at the end just because it’s somewhat boring and always seems to take far too long. Unfortunately the only other option I have besides doing laundry is to just not have clean clothes but I feel as if a majority of people that I’m around would appreciate I just suck it up and put my things in the washer. While I write this I’m doing my laundry but don’t think for a second I won’t continue to complain about it every time that I have to.

Do you dread doing laundry as well, let me know below and keep coming back for more new material. Go and keep it classy Deviants!



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