On My Mind: Podcasts

What’s happening this week Deviants? It’s time to get you informed with another piece of what’s On My Mind.

This may come across as some shameless self-advertisement (which it kind of is) but that’s alright because I’ve been thinking about podcasts quite a bit lately. As some of you may have recently noticed I’ve began to do a weekly podcast with my buddy Drew called HalfDone (which is featured on here if you haven’t checked it out yet) and that’s opened up a different world to me. Podcasts are a different type of platform than I had been used to since it’s similar to radio but without the rules and isn’t always live. The cool thing that I’ve picked up about them is that there’s a variety of ways to do one and there’s a lot of flexibility with how the final product will look. I’ve listened to some that are very scripted and clean and others that are a little more free form but all of them seem to have their own unique spin on things. It’s been a fun new experiment learning the process of creating one as we go and also pretty cool to see people taking the time to listen to what we made as well. If you haven’t listened to HalfDone yet please check it out and throw me some suggestions as to what we can improve on or some things that we did well.

Are there any podcasts that I should be checking out? Let me know below and keep checking back for more new material. Now keep it classy Deviants!



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