The Trip: Charleston

Lately mother nature has been treating me very nicely for this time of the year with great weather which has started to put me in the mood for a new idea on The Trip.

Since spring is almost upon us I started looking up places that would be great spots to go during that time of the year and stumbled upon one that had recently been in my head (since my parents had just visited there) Charleston, South Carolina. Some of the reasoning for my wanting to go there during the spring time is because the weather is supposed to be awesome, not too hot but not cold which makes it easy to go out and about comfortably. Also if you’re into history then you would know that there’s a lot of historically significant spots to check out in and around the city since it dates back to the colonial time period. For those that are more into the contemporary scene though there’s plenty of that as well with there being a lot of different events to attend and places to go if you’re looking for a brew or food. Another nice feature of the city is that it also happens to be right off the ocean so if you were wanting to take a stroll along the sea you would be able to before heading off to explore the different parts of the city.

Where are you going this year? Let me know below and keep on coming back for more new material. Go and dream big Deviants!



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