The Playlist

Hey Deviants, the week is just getting started for us so I think that this would be a perfect time for a new grouping of music with The Playlist.

❤ (Heart) by Cherub: for some reason I’ve been feeling a the need for a fix of these guys and this cynical yet catchy tune is great to get that taken care of.

Colours by Grouplove: this tune is one that’s super easy to get into and also is pretty deep but damn is it good and easy to start singing along to.

Loot My Body by Man Man: I’m sure that this song has been featured here before but the funky sound, addicting chorus and back beat that’s too good to not like is why it needs to be here again.

Can’t Tell Me Nothing by Kanye West: despite your feelings about Kanye this song is pretty bomb with its in your face attitude and head bopping beats.

Shoot me some suggestions Deviants for new tunes that I should be throwing up here and don’t forget to keep checking back for more new material every week. Keep on rockin’!



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