On My Mind: Ghost Stories

Boo! What’s going on my Deviants? It’s another week and another Wednesday which means that you’re about to get a dose of what’s On My Mind.

Recently I’ve found myself on a bit of a kick when it comes to the supernatural and all things spooky (sometimes to the dismay of my roommate). This was set off because I was stumbling around on some different things to read and came across some short horror stories. The problem for me when I get on a kick of horror and especially ghost stories, urban legends, etc. is that I can’t seem to stop reading them and seeking them out for quite awhile. There has always been something that intrigues me about ghost stories and similar things because the fear of the unknown is always present no matter what the story and there’s something intoxicating about figuring out what is unknown. I do have to admit though that I strongly enjoy things that are typically meant to frighten people so I have a natural tendency to get caught up in them. To me a good ghost story is always rewarding because it gives you that sense of wonder due to the fact that you don’t know what’s always out there and if it’s good the ending leaves you wanting more and filling in the gaps with whatever you would find frightening. Hopefully I don’t freak myself out too bad during this kick but in the mean time let’s try to find another scary one!

What’s your favorite or scariest ghost story? Let me know below and keep coming back for more new material. Now don’t be too frightened Deviants and remember to keep it classy!



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