The Trip: Red River Gorge

Hey Deviants! It’s Tuesday so I figured we should probably take a second to daydream a bit with another edition of The Trip.

With the weather starting to hint that things will be warming up shortly it’s made me start thinking about getting outside and being a little more adventurous. While thinking about what I would like to be doing a place came to mind that I thought would be great to get a fix of that and go to, the Red River Gorge. To keep everyone informed as to where this is I will give you a brief geography lesson; it’s located in the central-eastern part of Kentucky in the U.S. I first became aware of it due to the fact that it’s a major rock climbing destination because of the plentiful cliffs and excellent conditions of rock and weather during certain parts of the year. The area is forested and hilly which provides a great outdoor escape for if you’re wanting to go hiking or camping somewhere that you feel like is away from society for awhile. For me the biggest draw is definitely the awesome climbing that can be found there. With the natural set up of the gorge there’s a massive variety of climbing that can be done including sport and trad ranging in difficulty from novice to advanced. With the weather getting better I hope that I may be able to make my way out there (if my check book allows it) and enjoy the awesome area.

Have you been to the Red River Gorge before and if so what were some of the coolest things to do? Let me know below and keep coming back for more new material every week. Now go forth my Deviants and dream big!



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