Awesome Artists: Anna Kova

It’s been awhile since I’ve brought you some Awesome Artists to check out but with this new addition I think you’re going to be pretty psyched.

If you have ever found yourself needing a jazzy sound to fill your life then you don’t need to be looking any further then the phenomenal french singer Anna Kova. Her name may sound familiar to those of you that keep up with The Playlist but for those that don’t let me introduce you. Anna Kova is an artist with that old school jazz sound mixed with some modern influence and all of the confidence in the world. She has a sound that can start off hypnotic before hitting you with the power of her freestyle sound that is showcased in her track Big Scenes. The beauty of her voice is that there’s the range on it to slow it way down and make things a little more sensual which is what the song Believe does. Anna has a new EP, Pigments,with some fantastic tracks such as Ride and Bad Enough that show her growth as a musician with their powerful sound, strong lyrics and even more depth. Below is the song Beatin which first introduced me to Anna with it’s unrelenting smooth vibes and catchy as hell lyrics. What’s awesome is that she’s only getting started and there’s no doubt that more great music is on the way so if you’re wanting to listen to something more unique and real then what typically is on the pop radio airwaves now check out Anna Kova and indulge in the smooth sounds.

Do you know of anyone that I should be featuring here? Let me know in the comments below and check back to see if they are but in the meantime my Deviants keep on rockin!



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