On My Mind: Reading

Hey all of you crazy Deviants, we’re at that midpoint for the week so I think that it’s appropriate for me to bring you another dose of what’s On My Mind.

Recently I’ve found myself getting back into a kick of reading more again which has been nice because I hadn’t been doing too much of it lately. I love reading because it’s a good way to wind things down at times but also let your imagination run free. A good book is like a key that allows you to open up your mind and interpret what the words say into a world of your own creating. The nice thing about reading is that there’s an endless number of different things for you to choose to read whether it be a specific category of book, magazine, blog, etc. you can find something that’s right for you. I’ve found myself getting into a  run of classics again which is always fun because it makes me feel well versed and kind of fancy to be able to talk about something that is considered one of the best books that has been written. The nice thing about my spending more time reading again is that it also kicks up my creativeness so hopefully soon I will be able to come at you all with some new things to keep you entertained.

What’s your favorite book? Let me know below and while you’re hear don’t forget to check for any material that you may have missed. Now pick up a good book and keep it classy Deviants!



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