On My Mind: The Cold

I’m back for another round of what’s On My Mind to keep all of you Deviants in the loop about what I’m thinking.

January is already halfway over which means that spring is coming up quickly but before we get there there’s unfortunately still some more winter left to go. The past several weeks have been agonizingly cold for me which has continued to fuel my disdain for this time of the year (even though I’m being spoiled a little bit by some decent weather currently). Cold is always a challenging thing for me because I don’t see much joy in it, sure you can put on more layers to cope but I’m not a fan of having to wear a bunch of clothes in the first place. Going anywhere suddenly becomes an extraordinary event when you factor in colder temperatures, you need to wear the proper clothing which means finding it, putting it on and then when you get to your destination take it off only to continually repeat the process. I’m more into the idea of the weather being warm enough where it doesn’t take a few minutes to prepare to open the door and you can just go right into it with no concerns. Unfortunately for myself and many others there will still be at least several more weeks before things begin to turn for the better but until then I’m going to just have to hide from the cold under my blanket waiting for it to go away.

Are you a fan of the cold or have a good way of dealing with it? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it classy Deviants!



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