The Trip: Mountains

We’re getting through the week my Deviants so let’s do a little bit of dreaming of another one of The Trips that we may be wanting to go on.

Winter is still sitting upon us that live in the Northern Hemisphere and that means that it’s cold and snowy in quite a few places which limits a lot of outdoor activities but fortunately there’s still a few things available for those that can brave the cold. Recently the snow was falling and I was thinking about a handful of things that I actually enjoy about winter and the mountains came to mind. I don’t live in the mountains but do enjoy the sparing occasions that I’m able to get out to them during the winter because it opens up so many more possibilities of things to do. First off the scenic views of a mountain covered in snow can be absolutely breathtaking which then gives you the itch to do a little exploring and be more adventurous. For those that can there’s always skiing and snowboarding to get that fix of adventure or even some snowmobiling if you’re more into the motor sport side of things. At the end of a day out and about braving the elements you can turn in somewhere cozy and warm and relax to hopefully some spectacular views before repeating things the next morning. At the moment I don’t have the mountains readily accessible but for those that do enjoy them for me!

What’s your favorite mountain/area to go to? Let me know and don’t forget to keep checking back for more new material. Now as always Deviants go out there and dream big!



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