On My Mind: Time

Hey there Deviants! It’s that midway mark of the week so I’ve got a little piece of what’s been On My Mind for all of you.

I want to begin by saying this isn’t going to be some sappy thing about time and how precious it is, this is all about managing it and how it never seems to be quite enough to get things done. With the year underway it seems like there’s a ton of things that revved themselves up recently that seem to just consume time, work’s busier, there’s more things to get taken care of and something unexpected continues to pop up almost daily. Managing time is definitely a fine art that everyone tries to cultivate but very few people seem to master entirely and there are a ton of methods out there to try and do it: calendars, planners, sticky notes, alarms, secretaries, other people, your significant other, etc. All of these tools can be used but for some reason it seems like there’s something that slips through the cracks or there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to take care of everything properly. It can be unfortunate sometimes when time doesn’t seem to be working in your favor but then again that can be the fun of it because you’re forced to keep constantly on your toes just to try to keep up. Fortunately there’s always going to be time there to make up what you might have needed so there’s no big reason to fret about it.

What tricks do you use to manage your time well? Let me know below and keep checking back for more material every week. Now get out, watch the time and keep it classy Deviants!



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