On My Mind: A New Year

What’s happening Deviants? It’s the middle of the week so it’s that time for a little piece of what’s On My Mind.

Well it’s a new calendar year which is part of the reason that I’ve been thinking about this prior New Year’s Eve quite a bit. Once a new year begins it seems like everyone is ready to start making all of these changes and jump on board the band wagon that’s “new year, new me.” Honestly I don’t fall into that category because a new calendar year for me isn’t much different than the prior one. I think that setting goals is always a good thing but the trap that I think a lot of people fall into is setting high goals to start the year and keep up with everyone else before thinking about what would be realistic and then eventually giving up on them before they really get going. Unfortunately a lot of people give up on their resolutions it seems which is why I don’t like to focus on making anything like that. I tend to when the new year comes along keep doing what I think will make me better and look at it as a small project as opposed to a large and overwhelming one that might seem to daunting to finish. Fortunately though if there are any goals that someone isn’t able to stick to this new year there will always be another new year to try again.

What resolutions did you set for yourself this year? Let me know below and also share some ways that you plan on sticking to/do stick to your goals. Good luck with a new start my Deviants and keep it classy!



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