The Trip: Peru

A few days down and the new year seems to be already hitting its stride Deviants so let me give you an idea for some adventures this year with another dose of The Trip.

I was recently having a conversation with a friend of mine who offhandedly mentioned that this summer they get to take a trip to South America, which made me jealous, and then they said it was specifically to Peru and were going to be hiking Machu Picchu which made me even more jealous. Peru is a place that I’ve wanted to go to for awhile now due to the awesome historical sites that can be found and some great cuisine in certain areas from what I’ve been told. For those that don’t know Peru is located on the northwestern part of South America along the Pacific Ocean. The country is steeped with history due to the many native civilizations that have resided there for centuries which has allowed for a blend of culture. Along with the history comes some pretty cool sites to check out, arguably the most famous site being Machu Picchu. Between cities such as Lima and Cusco there are plenty of places to visit and experience modern culture and some great food as well. Overall the country appeals to me for many reasons, the main of which being the more adventurous sightseeing, and is why I’m experiencing some jealousy for my friend who’s getting to travel there soon.

Where would you like to visit this year? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to keep checking back for new material. Get out there Deviants and dream big!



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