The Playlist

It’s a new year Deviants which means it’s time for a new set from The Playlist to start getting things rolling.

Cocoa Butter Kisses by Chance The Rapper feat. Vic Mensa and Twista: I’ve been listening to this song off and on for a while now but for some reason it just starting getting stuck in my head again due to the crazy catchy and smooth lyrics.

Low Rising by The Swell Season: if you haven’t heard this softer tune then you should definitely give it a spin and enjoy the hopeful melody.

Hurricane by Halsey: there’s an alternative/techno type sound that gives this one a bit of an ominous and rolling beat followed up by some soft and strong vocals.

Dangerous by Big Data feat. Joywave: this song is really damn catchy and has a good backdrop to dance with so bust out those funky moves.

That’s what I’ve got to start your new year off with Deviants so shoot me some suggestions to jam out to this year. Now get out there and keep on rockin!



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