The Playlist

Yet another week of things being a bit hectic Deviants but I’m here to get you a fix of something to jam to with The Playlist.

Snuff by Slipknot: it’s not the typical type of song you would think of from this group, there’s an acoustic element and a softly sung dark melody that carries the track.

I Need A Doctor by Dr. Dre feat. Eminem and Skylar Grey: this tune keeps popping up again and honestly it’s hard not to get stuck in your head with a catchy hook and the verses that you would expect from this power group.

Pursuit Of Happiness by Kid Cudi feat. MGMT: since Kid Cudi just came out with some new tracks I figured it would be good to go back to relive one of the catchiest tunes that he had before jamming out to the new stuff.

Sleepless by Flume feat. Jezzabell Doran: this electronic track with it’s funky kicks and addicting back-line make it a pretty easy one to jam to while hanging out with friends.

Well Deviants what songs have you been listening to? Let me know below and shoot some suggestions my way. Now get out there and keep on rockin!



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