On My Mind: The Cold

What’s going on Deviants? I’m here to keep bringing you a dose of what’s been On My Mind so here, we, go.

With the brunt of winter still on the way it’s no shock that the cold is just beginning or why it’s been On My Mind a lot recently, especially since it’s agonizing. As many of you may already be well aware I’m not a fan of winter and the cold is a big part of my distaste for it. One of my primary reasons for disliking it is that it’s extremely hard to get yourself motivated to do things at times and it seems to suck away any possible motivation the worse it gets. I would say it one reason for that is the fact that you have to start your day by getting out of bed, which is warm, and face the cold before even going outside. It’s also quite painful to have that brisk wind hit you the moment you step out side, there’s a sting to it and almost a debilitating drain from it if you aren’t properly prepared. There’s quite a few other reasons that I dislike it which can’t even be summed up in a short list: snow, ice, frost covered windshields, difficulties starting your car, having to continuously put more layers on, being stuck inside, having to go outside, etc. I know that there are some people who do like this type of freezing weather but for those of us that don’t stay bundled up, put a movie on and pretend that summer will be here soon.

How do you like to spend time when it’s cold outside? Let me know below and keep coming back for more new material. Stay warm Deviants and keep it classy!



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