On My Mind: Getting Together

Deviants I’m back for your reading enjoyment with another piece of what’s been On My Mind lately.

It’s that time of year my friends where there’s a ton of different reasons to celebrate which means that there’s a lot of opportunities for getting together. Every year it happens where you seem to find yourself extra busy as a new year approaches and not because work is ramping up, it’s because there are so many gatherings to go to. I never really appreciated how much time it takes to get together with so many people all at the same time until now. When you’re younger and in school you have a lot more time to see people over the holiday season due to breaks and time off but when you become an adult suddenly your free time over the weekends or short time off is loaded with running around trying to catch up with everyone you haven’t seen for awhile. Fortunately you always seem to make time for almost everyone that you were planning to see but what kind of sucks is you always seem to miss someone. It’s always fun though getting together with everyone and being able to hang out with some people you haven’t seen for awhile but sometimes it can be a bit tiring. If any of you are going to any get togethers make sure to get a little crazy but keep from getting after it too hard.

What are some of your favorite things to do while getting together, let me know below and keep checking on back here for more new material. Keep it classy Deviants!



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