The Trip: Great Barrier Reef

Deviants it’s time for a bit of dreaming with another version of The Trip.

As I sat around debating what travel idea would be worth bringing to all of your attention I saw an article on some of the coolest places out there and remembered one that always seemed incredible, the Great Barrier Reef. Thanks to my love of oceans and all of the cool things that come with them this has always seemed like a no brainer to keep on my bucket list. Located just off the cost of Australia it’s the world’s largest coral reef system and one of the most diverse with species out there. Between all of the cool plants and ecosystems of animals that populate it there would be no reason for someone that is into nature to not check it out. The large ammount of areas that you could snorkel or scuba in to check things out would be awesome and the immense ammounts of beach that you could relax on afterwards would be great. Those are just a few of the reasons that I would like to get out there but unfortunately the Great Barrier Reef is facing some issues. There’s been a large ammount of it that is dying off which sucks because it takes away an incredible piece of nature for people to enjoy and is a reason that it should hopefully continue to get more protected so I can make my trip out there and anyone else that would like to is able to in the future as well.

Where do you want to be heading? Let me know below and keep checking back and with that Deviants go out and dream big!



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