The Playlist

Is it that time again Deviants? I think so so let’s get another set of The Playlist together to jam out to.

Gameshow by Two Door Cinema Club: as the name implies this is a band that knows how to jam and really drives up the fun and desire with this strong song that just gets you up and moving.

No Use by Dreaming Bull: it starts with some southern bluesy vibes and then hits you in the mouth with some funky rock vibes that really get the show rolling here with this one.

Celebrate by Ingrid Michaelson: she keeps it upbeat and positive and is just irresistibly happy with her catchy lyrics and chilled out sound.

Your Love Could Start A War by The Unlikely Candidates: when it starts it gets going and the feelings that came up with this song no doubt are translated across the music with this kicking tune.

With that my Deviants I bring you some cool tunes to jam out to so send some other suggestions my way in the comments below. Keep checking back for more new material and go out and keep on rockin!




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