On My Mind: Keeping Busy

I’m back Deviants after a brief day long hiatus and am here to keep the thoughts rolling with another cut of what’s On My Mind.

If you haven’t noticed recently I’ve unfortunately missed a couple of postings over the previous month. It really bothers me when I do but the fact of the matter is that I’ve been keeping busy, which isn’t always a bad thing. Work has been having me do what I was hired on to which is work, socializing has continued to keep me entertained and I’ve been fortunate enough to hit the road a little as well. Honestly it’s been nice keeping busy because I can’t complain very often about being bored or not having much to do but on the flip side it sometimes forces me to choose between doing one thing or another. The one thing that amazes me about being this busy is that I used to think I was busy while I was in school and then I went to college and thought that was busy and then I started working and realized that that’s being busy. I look at other people though and see that life seems to keep popping new things that you have to take care of and spend time on while as you get older which sounds awful at this point but fortunately for me I’m still young and have a few more years of being irresponsible before some of my more social time commitments become adult like and I’m forced to act my age.

What keeps you busy? Let me know in the comments below and keep on checking in for more new material every week. Enjoy the week my Deviants and keep it classy!



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