The Playlist

The week might seen to be slowly coming to a start but don’t you worry Deviants I’ve got some tunes to get it fired up with another set of The Playlist.

Happy Song by Bring Me The Horizon: the title suggests something pretty cheriful would be going on here but not let it trick you, there’s a lot of snide undertones rocking this one.

Wolf by Highly Suspect: these guys have a new album dropping here pretty soon and fortunately this new track has kept my excitement up for it with its strong writing and biting sound.

Little Monster by Royal Blood: if you haven’t tuned into this two piece yet then you’re about two years behind and need to let this seductive and rocking jam bring you into the royal family.

Arabella by Arctic Monkeys: I’m taking it back a couple of years ago again with this slow to build quick to hit sexually charged tune that tempts you every step of the way.

That’s what I’ve got for you this week Deviants but let me know what tunes you’ve got in your playlist this week in the comments below. Keep on checking back here for more new material my Deviants and keep on rockin!



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